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The Petals are a three-piece, indie-rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. Steeped in the elements and focus of a singer-songwriter, the lyric-forward compositions are defined by dynamic, pop-inspired song-structures and atmospheric soundscapes backed by the foundation of a traditional indie-rock band. By exploring unique recording styles and embracing DIY production philosophies, The Petals exist autonomously outside of the standard studio recording timeline, choosing to give priority to experimentation and the development of sonic technique. With the intention of creating songs that bend and pull the ear with melody and instrumentation, arrangements are written to invite the listener to an intimate audible experience. Formerly a pseudonym Sheedy used to release early material, The Petals released their debut album, Lovely Monday, in 2015 and sophomore album, Meld, in 2017. Both of which were self-recorded and featured the addition of multiple musicians. In 2019 and presented with the opportunity to work with producer/engineer Sid Riggs, they released their third studio album, Seven Stops, a departure from some of their more isolated, earlier works. In late December of 2022, The Petals announced Indigo Armor, an expansive vision of ambient textures and a range of hushed moods. The upcoming fourth album marks a return to self-recording and is set to be released in the spring of 2023. Simultaneously, they continue to work at their personal studio with a lineup of anticipated releases.  The Petals lineup of Aaron Sheedy (guitar, vocals), Daniel Grushecky (bass, vocals) and Colin Humphrey (drums) have been creating and performing together since 2017. In their latest project, Indigo Armor, the traditional three-piece is more subdued than previous recordings, opting for more tempered tones and whispery vocals as synths and orchestral strings lend themselves to the story told through complex patterns. These additional layers also include backing vocals from Grushecky, a myriad of percussive instruments and repurposed sounds that take the form of additional instrumentation throughout the record. Guitars balance subtle, oblique finger-picked tones with the rhythm section, cradling the lyrical story of the album. For more information on all upcoming releases, tour dates, and more, fans can subscribe to their newsletter through their website -




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Aaron Sheedy

Guitar / Vocals / Cello

Daniel Grushecky

Bass / Vocals / Violin / Keys

Colin Humphrey

Drums / Percussion

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